HexRat: Why Denmark Owns Greenland
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Why Denmark Owns Greenland


Why does Denmark Own Greenland? It is a question to be asked. Compared to size, distance, and other aspects, one might wonder why.

During the 10th century, the Vikings were sailing all around Europe and burning things the way they loved. After going to Iceland, they also went to Greenland. One of the travelers also went from Greenland to America and most probably the first in his time.

Norway ignored Greenland for a long period of time and didn't care about its low population. This was partly because of the distance between Norway and Greenland. 

After Norway, the Portuguese also claimed the ownership of Greenland but they were also not interested in the huge cold island.  

After some centuries, the Norweigan got interested in Greenland once again and this time the ruler of Norway was also the ruler of Denmark. 

A fight broke out between Denmark and Norway and Norway was lost to Sweden. Denmark still had the islands (Iceland and Greenland) even after the division.

In 1867 U.S.A. offered to buy these two islands from Denmark but they refused. 

During the 2nd World War, the Americans got control over Greenland until Germany lost and then gave it back to Denmark but still asked to buy it again and the answer was still no.

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