HexRat: The Awful Things Victorian Time British Put In Their Food
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The Awful Things Victorian Time British Put In Their Food

 Hello dear Victorians. Hope you are all doing well. I was thinking about... maybe putting some yellow bus painting ink inside some good looking mustard? Don't worry it's no longer that way but it was really dark during Victorian England. I got interested in this particular topic that is most probably only alive inside the old dusty history books but also YouTube. I was randomly watching videos and I came across the video titled "The Awful Things Victorians Put In Their Food | Hidden Killers | Absolute History".


Source: Insider


The video teaches a lot really. I would never think I would be skipping from a Family Guy cartoon to a deep dive into history. Let me introduce you to the beautiful (!) practices food producers used in the industrial era:


1. The Whitest Bread Ever
During a time where people are keen on having everything more white, the bread was no exception. When serving bread to their guests, Victorians had to have the whitest bread available. Knowing this fact, bakers decided that adding a few deadly chemicals won't do harm to anyone and would be cheaper.  


2. School Bus Mustard 
We all know the iconic American school buses, but did you know you could use the chemical yellow paint when making mustard? Probably not because you would be sued instantly but during the old times you could actually use similar chemicals without any consequences.


3. Borax Milk
During the Victorian industrial era, the milk producers thought that it would be a waste of resources if they threw away the outdated milk they had. Indeed, there was a deadly solution and they figured it out.
When added to the milk, it would equalize the Ph levels and create an illusion that the milk was indeed fresh. These days we use Borax for surface cleaning. 

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