HexRat: Jonestown - The Real Hell On Earth
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Jonestown - The Real Hell On Earth

jim jones

                                                                                                   Jim Jones

 The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, better known by its informal name "Jonestown" (Source: Wikipedia) was a cult founded by a psychopath named Jim Jones. He was a good reader, from an early age he would read varieties of topics including religion, death, marxism. He was testing what he learned on animals and would not hesitate to make an animal suffer in order to be able to experiment with death. He would kill animals and would have religious rituals for them. He grew up in a mentally ill family which explains his abnormalities. 

After learning about Marxism, Jones wanted to have a Marxist church but didn't have the resources. He decided to knock on every door and collect funds for his new ideal. Thus, he sold monkeys in order to get cash.

He started preaching (he had a talent for that) and the church gatherings were not open to the public. You want to know what's going on inside? Well, just join! It was a brilliantly evil idea. He was welcoming all the mistreated in the country. He focused on African-Americans because he thought they would be more interested in his cult because of the unjust unequal treatments they were going through.

After being able to brainwash many people, Jim realized he no longer needed to sell monkeys to keep the church alive, he was getting much more from his followers (they were selling all their goods and giving the money to Jones.)

In 1955, the cult was officially active. More and more brainwashed people were joining. This was the only the beginning of his plans though. The end was not far. After being able to afford more and more each day, Jim decided to move the cult to Guana Island (one of the British Virgin Islands) and create his own "paradise".  He was using illegal drugs and was also homosexual which was unusual at the time. This made him popular in the media.

All the island was a dystopia in reality. All the island was covered with big amplifiers that shouted out Jones' sayings 24/7. In his own words, the island was his "socialist heaven".

As his popularity grew, an investigation team of 17 people from northern California decided to visit and investigate this evil paradise of Jones. After their investigation, 15 cult members wanted to return to America with the investigators. They would not be able to return on themselves because Jones would simply kill them.

After the investigation, four members of the investigation team got killed by the cult members that were carrying heavy machine guns as they were reaching for their plane to return to the USA.

In all his preachings, Jones would suggest suicide was great and also practiced mass suicide simulations often with his cult. 

When he decided the time has come, he ordered the cult members to drink from the cyanide boilers with cups and ordered the mothers of little children to force their children to drink. Most people didn't want to commit suicide but who could go against the great dictator Jim Jones?

If you think people stopped joining cults after learning about Jonestown, you are indeed very optimistic. Some people will never learn their lesson. 


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