HexRat: Did Titanic REALLY Hit An Iceberg?
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Did Titanic REALLY Hit An Iceberg?


We all heard about what happened to the Titanic, the biggest luxury ship of its time. It hit an iceberg, right? Most probably but there are some other theories coming from... you guessed it right, the survivors of the tragic accident that we mostly know from the movie.

One of the survivors of titanic, a journalist named Vaghinak, was on his way to publishing his book in the United States. He had a hard time getting the necessary documents and approvals in order to get on the ship but with the help of his father (also a journalist), he managed to do so.

Vaghinak quickly became friends with his roommate in Titanic who was french. Vaghinak could speak french fluently so it was easy to communicate with his new friend.

On April 14th, three roommates were on their beds sleeping as they always did during the journey at that time. They woke up to a scary sound that was too loud to sleep over. Yes, you guessed it, the disaster.

They quickly opened the door and went out to see what was going on. The crew were silent because they didn't want the passengers to get scared. 

Only after some time the crew realised they could not hide it because the Titanic was actually sinking.
Women and children were being guided to the escape boats but men were not wanted. As some men tried to get on the emergency boats, the crew fired guns to the air to stop them.

He and his friend decided they better jump of the Titanic and swim or otherwise they were going to sink with the ship itself.

They put on their lifevests and jumped off the ship. The water was pretty cold (minus 2 C).

The water was like a ticking bomb, his body was getting numb and he couldn't help it. He lost his lifevest and it seemed like the end.

A lifeboat hit him in the open sea, he yelled "help!" but they refused to get him on board. They instead hit him with the paddle.

When he woke up, he was on a ship called Carpathia. It was almost impossible to survive but somehow he did. The ship was going to New York. They somehow saved him. 

It was simple, when they paddled him away, one of the passengers said "he is my son" and persuaded the others to get him on the boat. During this time, he fainted so he did not remember anything.

 He lived a long, happy life and united with his family in America. Not all disasters end bad right?

Also, he never mentioned an "iceberg".

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